School of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Qualification measure for auditors for highways, country roads, local roads, main roads and/or access roads.

(for members of engineering offices and administrations).

OBJECTIVE: The auditors carry out the safety audit on the basis of experience and knowledge of traffic safety. For this purpose, in addition to a basic qualification acquired through training and relevant professional experience knowledge, further additional qualifications are required, which the present offer imparts.

The aim of the measure is:

  • the preparation of rule-compliant audits for planning purposes (if required, official audits can be prepared as part of the training) and
  • the practical qualification of auditors.

ACCESSORY REQUIREMENT: The basic qualification is a completed relevant university degree. In addition, several years of experience in the field of planning road traffic facilities or in the field of road-related safety investigations must be proven.

Course content:

Basic modules (compulsory modules):

  • Fundamentals of road safety (I)
  • Basics of safety audit (II)

Thematic modules (elective):

  • Highways
  • Rural roads
  • Local roads
  • Main roads
  • Development roads

The thematic modules include lectures on traffic-safe design, site visits, exercises and homework, preparation of audits, presentation and discussion of the results in all design phases.

To be certified as an auditor*, the two basic modules and two of the five thematic modules must be taken. Individual modules can also be selected for certificate extension or further training.

The recommended module combination for certification as an auditor is:Focus on interurban roads:

  • Freeways
  • Country roads
  • Local roads

Focus on urban roads:

  • Local thoroughfares
  • Main roads
  • Development roads


  • Guidelines for the Safety Audit of Roads (RSAS) of the FGSV.
  • "Deficit lists for the safety audit of roads" (FE 82.0664/2016)
  • Leaflet for the training and certification of safety auditors of roads MAZS (edition 2022).
  • Safety-relevant aspects of road design. Collection of examples for planners and auditors. Bast reports, issue V 196, 2010.

Seminar leader and lecturers:

Overall management:

  • Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. J. Gerlach (BU Wuppertal)
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. A. Bark ( TH Mittelhessen)


  • Dr.-Ing. D. Boenke (STUVA e. V., Cologne)
  • Dr.-Ing. T. Kesting (bueffee GbR, Wuppertal)
  • Dr.-Ing. A. Koppers

Training phases



Following the training phases, project tasks are to be carried out independently in accordance with the selected modules (scope 3-8 days depending on the module).

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