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Investigation of the mobility and accident history of children in Krefeld with a focus on leisure time traffic

Key project data:

Client: Düsseldorf district government from funds for the promotion of networked mobility and mobility management (FöRi-MM).

Duration: 10/2021 to 12/2023

Project manager: Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Gerlach, M.Sc. Nicolas Tix

Project partner: City of Krefeld

Subcontractor: Office for research, development and evaluation (bueffee GbR) Wuppertal

Brief description of the project:

The leisure mobility of children has hardly been researched in Germany so far. Related to this is the independent use or behavior of children in certain traffic situations and at certain traffic infrastructures. This is where this mobility study comes in with a method mix of surveys, observations, digital and analog approaches. By analyzing the leisure time mobility of children in Krefeld, the study aims to gain new insights into the trip purposes, the choice of means of transport and the main destinations of children in their leisure time. Fields of action are to be identified to improve road safety and to break the sideways trend in the number of accidents involving children in Krefeld. In concrete terms, a comprehensive literature analysis and a review and analysis of existing data in Krefeld will be carried out as part of the basic research. An analysis of children's accidents and empirical surveys in the form of interviews at schools form the basis for behavioral observations at selected locations. The findings are summarized in order to derive fields of action and approaches for implementation by "Krefeld Fairkehr". Explicit attention will be paid to the transferability of the results and methods used.

The funding decision was handed over to representatives of the University of Wuppertal and the City of Krefeld on November 8, 2021 by the Minister of Transport, Ina Brandes, at the "Vorankommen NRW" event in Düsseldorf.

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