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Recertification as an auditor:

Auditors who wish to renew their certificate are requested to send us the necessary evidence. As proof of the audits, the first page of the audit report or a certificate from the client of the respective audit can be used. If possible, we also ask for a copy of the complete audit report and associated planning documents. Further proofs are the certificates of attendance of the training event.

Emailing is possible at sas[at]

After your request for certificate renewal we will send you an invoice for the amount of currently 60,- Euro (gross). Upon fulfillment of all proofs and after receipt of payment, we will issue and send you the extension certificate.

Regulation of certificate renewal:

  • Validity of certificates: As before, certificates are valid for three years.
  • Proof of successful participation in initial training: To have your certificate extended, you must have successfully participated in a safety audit training course as a basic requirement. Successful participation is documented by your certificate. It is irrelevant whether your certificate is still valid or not.
  • Proof of activity as an auditor: Proof of activity as an auditor is required for certificate renewal. It is sufficient if you have carried out three audits within three years.
  • Participation in further training events: In order to be able to incorporate new safety knowledge into your work as an auditor, proof of participation in two corresponding further training events within three years is also required for certificate renewal. The annual symposia on road safety held in Weimar and Wuppertal are recognized as further training events. With regard to the recognition of other topic-related events, we should be consulted in advance of participation.
  • Proof of performance: With the introduction of the MAZS, the initial training courses for road safety auditors will generally conclude with a proof of performance. Therefore, the proficiency certificate will no longer be required as part of the certificate renewal process. Thus, all future certificate renewals will be carried out without a performance record. This also applies to those auditors who acquired their certificate in 2007 or earlier.

Contact: sas[at]

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