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FreshBrains Workshops

Linking teaching and practice forms the core of the "FreshBrains" concept.

Students from the Bergische Universität Wuppertal in the fields of civil engineering and transport engineering work together with other international students to bring a breath of fresh air to a municipality.

The "FreshBrains" concept is carried out by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Gerlach, head of the Road Traffic Planning and Engineering teaching and research area, with various cooperation partners.

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FreshBrains - international workshop

FreshBrains - fresh ideas for cycling promotion

Awarded the German Bicycle Prize 2020!

"The project brings students from Wuppertal and Breda to find common approaches to cycling promotion. In an open planning approach, different cultures are united in transport planning. The project stands out with a good and novel approach and can already demonstrate first results and successes. Through the knowledge transfer between Germany and the Netherlands and the mix of different expertises of local professionals and students, new solutions are developed and things are looked at differently. This way of thinking brings a breath of fresh air and great ideas. The targeted introduction of students to municipal issues is not to be sneezed at. Thus, interest in municipal decisions is aroused at an early stage."

Further information:Jury statement for the nine winning projects in the categories infrastructure, service and communication

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