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The safety audit is a formalized procedure for assessing safety concerns in the planning, design and construction of roads. The Recommendations for the Safety Audit of Roads (ESAS), which were superseded in 2019 by the Guidelines for the Safety Audit of Roads (RSAS), have been available for conducting safety audits since 2002. The Federal Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure made these mandatory for the planning of federal trunk roads with the introductory decree and recommends using the RSAS for the planning of all roads. Many municipalities now use the safety audit of roads in planning.

In addition to the safety audit in planning, the RSAS 2019 has also introduced the safety audit in existing roads. The Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure recommends that this be carried out on an ad hoc basis, during the safety inspection of accident-prone stretches of road and during maintenance measures on existing roads.

The auditors carry out the safety audit on the basis of their experience and knowledge of road safety. In addition to a basic qualification acquired through training and relevant professional experience, further additional qualifications are required for this purpose, which the present offer imparts.

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