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Symposium 2023 - Road Safety

The Symposium Safety of Roads will be held regionally at the following locations and dates:

6/7 March 2023 in Wuppertal

27/28 March 2023 in Weimar

For the first time in 2002, training measures for auditors with certification were carried out. A training curriculum was developed and successfully implemented in several courses. Participants from seven German states attended training courses based on this standard and are now working as auditors in practice. In order to meet the high professional demands placed on auditors in the long term, the "Road Safety Audit" symposium has been held annually since 2004. In addition to the inclusion of current technical knowledge through contributions from renowned lecturers, the symposium also enables auditors to exchange information with each other in a special auditor forum. The symposium is thus aimed at auditors who are already active, but also at possible future auditors and all those interested in road safety work in the field of road planning, road design, quality assurance and audits. Participation in these annual events is one of the requirements for auditors to renew their certificate after three years.

Information on the symposium and registration can be found here:

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