School of Architecture and Civil Engineering


Gerike R, Gerlach J, Rau A.:
Accessibility Standards - Discussion of their Necessity with the Example of the German Guidelines for Integrated Network Design (RIN).
1st Transatlantic NECTAR Conference, Arlington, Virginia USA, 2009 - Download (660 KB)

Gerlach J, Boenke D, Leven J, Methorst R:
Shared Space- Safe or Dangerous A contribution to objectification of a popular design philosophy.
WALK21 conference, 1 ? 3 October 2007, Toronto - Download (70 KB)

Hahn W, Lotz C (Jürgen Gerlach Co-Autor):
Sustainable Roads - Integrated Parts of the Transport Chain in a World of Globalisation.
XXIIIrd World Road Congress, Paris 2007
PIARC CD-ROM September 2007 - Download (400 KB)

Hahn W, Huber F, Gerlach J, Lippold C:
Germany - National Report / Strategic Direction Session ST2
Sustainable Roads - Part of the Chain in a globalised World.

XXIIIrd World Road Congress, Paris 2007

  • September 2007 - Download Deutsch (100 KB)
  • Oktober 2006 - Téléchargement Francaise (110 KB)
  • Oktober 2006 - Download English (103 KB)

Boenke D, Gerlach J:
Criteria for adequate infrastructure for elderly people in traffic.
ICTCT Workshop, Beijing 2. April 2007- Download (592 KB)

Gerlach J, et al.:
Sharing the Main Street.
Final Draft PIARC C10, Ede, Niederlande 2004

Gerlach J, et al.:
Urban Roads.
Final Draft PIARC C10, World Road Congress, Durban 2004

Gerlach J, Utzmann I:
Methodological Procedures of Measuring Effectiveness of Road Safety Education and Information Measures. Results of a systematic review of 36 international studies.
In: Monterde-i-Bort, Moreno-Ribas (Hrsg.): Towards Future Traffic Safety Research, Valencia (Spain), 2008 - Downlaod (2,2 MB)

Gerlach J, Stein W:
Strategic Environmental Assessment in Transport Planning in Germany.
Strategic Environmental Assessment, Springer Verlag 2004 - Download (76 KB)

Jürgen Gerlach
Pedestrian Quality Audits and Inspections - more than a part of the new EU-Directive on Road Safety Infrastructure Management
PQN Final Report, S. 83-112 - Download (550 KB)

Gerlach J:
Integrated Transport Planning: Chances and Restraints.
International Transport Conference in Wuppertal, Mai 2003

Gerlach J:
Self-portrayal: University of Wuppertal / Department of Road Traffic Planning and Engineering.
Bewerbungsbroschüre, Juli 2002 - Download (616 KB)

Gerlach J, Harders J:
Simulation of Traffic Demand in networks without special origin-destination-studies.
in: VI. International Conference on Commuting in civil and building engineering, Berlin 1995

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